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    Tibet Ankang Medicine Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Tibet Lhasa Liu Wu District, adjacent to Potala Palace, and Yarlung Zangbo, with beautiful surrounding environment, convenient transportation of roads, iron and air. 福彩3d基本走势图_福彩3d试机号今天查询_福彩3d助手 is a solid medicine enterprise established by the people's Government of Tibet autonomous region and the food and Drug Administration of Tibet autonomous region.

    The company has registered capital of 50 million yuan, and owns 1 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, 2 medical device wholesale enterprises and 17 drug retail chain enterprises. The company has branches in Shannan city of Tibet and Hefei City, Anhui.

    The company has more than 20 mu of land in Lhasa Liu Wu District, the modern office area of nearly 5000 square meters and the standardized logistics warehouse distribution center of more than 11000 square meters.

    The company has 16 mu of land in Hefei, a high standard comprehensive office area of nearly 5000 square meters and a standardized logistics warehouse of 10000 square meters.

    The company has opened a number of drug chain supermarket in Shannan City

Variety in store

   Adhering to the tenet of "quality first, caring for life, serving medical care, people's health" and a more humanized service concept, 福彩3d基本走势图_福彩3d试机号今天查询_福彩3d助手 was established at the very beginning of its development strategy to make people happy and healthy.

   In the annual clinic activities, to doctor help the masses of farmers and herdsmen in a continuous line, specialist for the local people to careful physical examination, blood pressure measurement, and a detailed history, do not missed and misdiagnosis, experts visiting the masses according to each condition, for the release of drugs and health life guidance free patients.

    Tibet Health Medicine Co. Ltd. will be in accordance with the "unified image, unified management, unified distribution, unified sales, unified service management mode, marketing mode and market conditions mature combined to maximize business value and social value for the long-term goal, sales, distribution and customer service one-stop service mode, to high quality products, reasonable price, fast delivery, perfect service and thoughtful customer service, for customers to reduce procurement costs, improve procurement efficiency.

    Since its beginning in accordance with the scale of industrialization direction, constantly strengthen management and self-improvement, to forge ahead, to provide customers with quality service, first-class talents team with high quality products and high quality service to create value for customers, to repay the society with a grateful attitude, the company efforts to create a healthy drug platform and people the environment, and strive to make you happy and healthy people!